Our Team

Loran Geskens

Jonas Dreier
Vice President

Events Team

With the Events Team, we create engaging and impactful opportunities for the alumni. The experiences connect and inspire them, and encourage personal and professional development. Besides that, we actively support the national networks in their organization by sharing best practices and offering resources in order to strengthen the overall network.

Eliana Illy
Events Manager

Vasilis Malasidis
Events Coordinator

Mathilda Dupuy
Events Coordinator

Partnerships Team

The Partnerships Team at JA Alumni Europe works together to establish, foster and develop meaningful collaborations with organizations, businesses and institutions. Their goal is to create opportunities and allocate resources to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among youth.

Eleni Kisiri
Partnerships Manager

Antonella Nevola
Partnerships Coordinator

Country Team

The Country Team is dedicated to fostering collaboration and driving positive change. We facilitate knowledge sharing, encourage valuable networking opportunities, and empower networks across Europe. Together, we aim to make a lasting impact in our communities.

Domantas Meliukštis
Country Manager

Eleni L. Apostolou
Country Coordinator

Nadine Aeschlimann
Country Coordinator

Communications Team

As the Communications Team, we “Interconnect Europe” and spark inspiration through our platforms. Out mission is to unite, showcase and foster the power of our Alumni.

Defne Saylik 
Communications Manager

Ieva Visockyte
Graphic Designer

Lukas Hellwig
Content Manager

Spyros Terzis
Video Producer

IT & Process

As the IT and Process department, we are responsible for ensuring the seamless and uninterrupted functioning of our systems. We conduct regular inspections to maintain their efficiency. Additionally, we actively participate in the creation and continuous improvement of digital platforms catering to the needs of our Alumni community.

Andrea Uličná
IT & Process Manager