Our Activities


Connecting people, opportunities and ideas

Our alumni network is a vibrant and supportive community of entrepreneurs from all over Europe. You get the opportunity to build new relationships, share experiences, grow personally and professionally, and feel the infamous #alumnispirit. All events we organize bring alumni together, but the absolute highlight of each year is the JA Alumni Europe Conference. During four days, more than 200 people gather to network and connect, exchange ideas, participate in workshops, and learn from each other.

JA Alumni Europe Conference 2022: Shape Strasbourg, France

JA Global Alumni Conference 2019: I am JA Vienna, Austria 


Career Growth

Building your path forwards the future

Our forum-formation-association can provide excellent opportunities through leadership roles that allow young people to gain valuable experience in project management, communication, and teamwork. Through these experiences, our Alumnus can develop a range of transferable skills that can benefit them in their future careers. Design thinking, Personal Branding and Innovation Hacking, among other skills can be obtained by taking part in activities organised in collaboration with our partners. Through job shadowings and internships we provide networking opportunities with professionals in various fields, which allow our Alumni to gain insight into different career paths and make connections that can help them achieve their goals. Being a part of our network can be a valuable stepping stone towards a successful and fulfilling career.

Leadership Development

Experiencing leadership first hand

Through various opportunities JA Alumni Europe is empowering and leveraging the leadership skills of its members. Activities, such as a leader for a day program, job shadowing or mentorships with experienced leaders help in getting first hand insights and learning by doing what it means to be a leader, and not only a manager.

Additionally, though the Alumni Leadership Award every year around 10-15 young, outstanding students are awarded for their extra initiative during the JA program, for going the extra mile, investing into their team and leading the team through the challenges that come along. 

Accelerating Entrepreneurs

The path of creating a business and becoming an entrepreneur

We provide our network with resources, mentorship, and guidance to help out our alumni to create their businesses, develop them, and grow them into successful companies. Whether our alumni are just starting out with an idea or have already begun building their business, we’re here to support them to enhance their skills. We do this through workshops, mentorship programmes, and networking events.