Our Impact 2019/20

The 17th year of our existence presented us a lot of challenges which led to many changes and chances to showcase our entrepreneurial spirit.

The European board and the leaders of our member countries have shown resilience in a time where it took a lot of courage and passion to do so. A global pandemic was able to force us to cancel many of our beloved events, but could not break the essence of our alumni spirit nor extinguish the growing fire of our European JA alumni movement. For this we want to say a big thank you to our board and leading members aka superheroes without capes that dedicate their time and brilliant ideas to our network of opportunities, everyday.

The impact the European board and our member countries had during this past year on thousands of students across Europe, through all social backgrounds is beyond remarkable.

In the upcoming year of 2020/21 we will (once again) face a world with many restrictions due to COVID-19. With a brilliant team working at JA Alumni Europe and the support of our loyal partners and JA Europe, we are ready to face these uncertain times and equip our member countries with the knowledge, tools and support they need. Finding new ways under never before witnessed circumstances to guarantee the growth of our European network and opportunities for self-development for each and everyone of our members - the entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow.

Get inspired by the numbers and highlights below in our Impact Report 2019/20.

Donald Aebi

President, JA Alumni Europe. 2018-2020

Maxi Koch

President, JA Alumni Europe. Current