Our Impact 2019/20


The 17th year of our existence presented us a lot of challenges which led to many changes and chances to showcase our entrepreneurial spirit.

The European board and the leaders of our member countries have shown resilience in a time where it took a lot of courage and passion to do so. A global pandemic was able to force us to cancel many of our beloved events, but could not break the essence of our alumni spirit nor extinguish the growing fire of our European JA alumni movement. For this we want to say a big thank you to our board and leading members aka superheroes without capes that dedicate their time and brilliant ideas to our network of opportunities, everyday.

The impact the European board and our member countries had during this past year on thousands of students across Europe, through all social backgrounds is beyond remarkable.

In the upcoming year of 2020/21 we will (once again) face a world with many restrictions due to COVID-19. With a brilliant team working at JA Alumni Europe and the support of our loyal partners and JA Europe, we are ready to face these uncertain times and equip our member countries with the knowledge, tools and support they need. Finding new ways under never before witnessed circumstances to guarantee the growth of our European network and opportunities for self-development for each and everyone of our members - the entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow.

Get inspired by the numbers and highlights below in our Impact Report 2019/20.

Donald Aebi

President, JA Alumni Europe. 2018-2020

Maxi Koch

President, JA Alumni Europe. Current



After being announced at the JA Global Alumni Conference 2019 in Vienna, the European board together with JA Worldwide started working on the 2.0 version of the virtual JA alumni network Gather. After onboardings in late 2019 the platform was officially launched in Feburary with a global marketing campaign in which process the communications team of JA Alumni Europe was highly involved.

Since Feburary new social media formats such as Gather Spotlights were established to shift the content focus to Gather. The infamous monthly Flying High newsletter also found it’s way onto Gather.

Social media

New formats to foster the engagement of our social media followers were established. One of them being KEYNOTE which consists out of a slideshow on Instagram on various topics. “Gather Spotlight” specifically showcased remarkable JA alumni and their ideas. The three-piece-episodes of “Alumni heroes tackling COVID-19” were especially well received and even shared by JA Worldwide in their global newsletter.


Followers on Instagram


Likes on Facebook


Followers on LinkedIn


Overall newsletter open rate


Overall newsletter click rate


Newsletter subscribers


JA Global Alumni Conference 2019 #JAAC19

Uniting young entrepreneurs from all across Europe at large and small events is one of our fundamental pillars. With the first ever JA Global Alumni Conference 2019 we were able to host 400 participants from 60 countries covering all 6 global JA regions, back in August 2019 in Vienna, Austria. JA Alumni Austria, together with JA Alumni Europe, JA Worldwide, JA Europe and JA Austria gave hundreds of young students the opportunity to connect globally with like minded entrepreneurial spirits creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Besides the global conference we supported our member countries with smaller events. JA Alumni Czech Republic organised the infamous Christmas Weekend in Prague, Czech Republic with 25 participants from all across Europe.

Keeping the fire burning #virtually

Overnight the COVID-19 pandemic struck our plans for 2020 and we, unfortunately, had to cancel three of our scheduled events in spring and summer, including the highly anticipated annual JA Alumni Conference which was to take place in Stockholm Sweden.

UF Alumni Sverige (JA Alumni Sweden), UF (JA Sweden), JA Europe and JA Alumni Europe as organizing parties, decided to postpone the event until August 2021. To still reunite our European JA alumni leaders (national coordinators) and our overall members we hosted a successful virtual experience in August, themed as a traditional Swedish coffee break “FIKA”. 90 participants from across the globe joined us online for the free event and celebrated the #alumnispirit.

For the upcoming year we will do everything to be prepared to host physical events, of course still reviewing the restrictions iny place and the European-wide development and spread of COVID-19. And if we have to stay online - that’s just another challenge we can take!


Strong partners are the key to success especially in challenging times. Therefore we are beyond thankful to continue our strong collaboration with our long time partner Bata and JA Europe. Together with FERD and JA Europe we for the first time hosted the FERD’s List ceremony during the 2019 conference in Vienna - honoring JA alumni from all across Europe and the world. An event which hopefully will take place at our annual gathering in the years to come as well. Another highlight was the start of supplying free, professional coaching sessions for our members and all global alumni together with Coach Masters Academy.

We were also able to secure more smaller partnerships than ever before with both well-known brands and corporates, as well as young start-ups from all across the world. All of them were distributed on Gather and can be found below.

Those collaborations included discount codes as well as exclusive events and advantages for our European members - some of them also being shared and opened to our global alumni community. Many of them will set the basis for bigger, closer and long lasting partnerships for the upcoming years.


Country Volunteering Members Participating Members JA Volunteering Hours National Events International Events
Albania 21 184 432 9
Austria 55 93 1,937 20 2
Belgium - FL 6 10 92 2
Belgium - FR 8 0 105 0
Cyprus 11 45 110 3
Czech Republic 26 800 780 26 3
Denmark 3 33 300 2 1
Estonia 30 46 100 10
Finland 15 152 42 7
France 30 148 450 1
Germany 34 62 150 10 1
Italy 34 62 672 14
Lithuania 5 60 208 2
Luxembourg 5 54 95 3
Macedonia (North) 4 19 54 7
Norway 5 73 136 3
Romania 5 110 60 6
Serbia 70 120 750 4
Slovenia 2 2 40 1
Sweden 60 995 2062 45
Switzerland 88 125 1072 3 1
UK 6 89 8 7

European Board

Donald Aebi


Love Dager

Vice President

Emilie Bærulfsen

Country Manager

Maxi Koch

Communications Manager

Antonia Höppel

Events Manager

Nick Collins

Operations Manager

Ragna Jebsen

Events Manager (Interim)

Denise Kovarik

Partnerships Manager

Communications Team

Alex Magliano

Graphic Designer

Bora Selenica

Content Manager

Irena Matraku

Social Media Manager

Events Team

Ragna Jebsen

Event Coordinator (Interim Events Manager)

Matúš Pravda

Event Coordinator

Country Team

Adil Bey

Country Coordinator